The forex market is evolving with more and more companies focusing on making forex robots. A few years before most people were not familiar with trading robots. Today, every second company has made forex trading robots claiming to generate a huge profit.

Forex robots are automated trading robots that take care of the entire trading process. These robots make smart decisions depending on the situation of the market and events. They keep an eye on market events and conduct a brief analysis. This mechanism has enabled people to install forex robots in their MT4 accounts and make a huge profit. This article discusses the best-performing forex robots of 2022.

The goal is to not only save the time of users but also convert hard-earned money of people. They will be able to make maximum profit with low volatility in the market.

3 Best Performing Forex Robots of 2022:

Below you can find a detailed description of smart forex robots that helped people to turn their trades into profit.

1- Swing VIP

Swing VIP is one of the oldest forex robots developed by Sinry Advice. It was introduced in 2020 and in less than two years it has performed significantly better than other trading robots. At the same time it comes with different pricing plans enabling traders to make use of its low drawdown and expected profit of 10 to 23%.

You should vary about the market conditions as they change. Avoid becoming a victim of market trap as expected profit of 20% is sufficient for a month.

Price: Starts from $198

Features of SWING VIP:

  1. Tested for years since its an oldest robot
  2. Simple installation and guide
  3. Ability to work with multiple pairs
  4. Market analysis and smart decision making
  5. Requirs 1000USD to kickstart trading

Below is the performance chart of Swing VIP for 100k account –


2- Red Horse Robot

Red Horse is a newly introduced product and made its name in merely few months. This robot uses smart analysis as its core for decision making. Red Hose guarantees high profit and a low profit margin. This robot immediately stops trading in case of market volatility and saves the money of users.

Unlike other robots, Red Horse prevents users from blowing their account. It also comes with a money back guarantee and provides same trading mechanism for all users.

Price: Starts from $39/month only

Features of Red Horse

  1. Technical analysis in real time
  2. Comes with 2 license keys
  3. Lowest drawdown of less than 10%
  4. Money and risk management
  5. Profit ranging from 10-25%

Below is the performance chart of Red Horse 10k Account-

Red Horse Robot 10k


3- Promax Gold EA

Every trader is familiar with this amazing forex robot. Promax Gold is the only EA in the market that turns off all trades in case of loss. The accuracy of promax is above 70% which makes it a better performing robot in the market. It is equipped with news filter that enables this robot to analyze market segments and make maximum profit depending on the condition of market.

Promax is a must have robot in your arsenal if you are looking for a forex robot that works on XAUUSD pairs.

Price: Starts from $148

Features of Promax Gold

  1. Technical analysis in real time
  2. 1 Year testing and analysis
  3. Completely automatic trading
  4. Above 10% profit
  5. Low drawdown

Below is a performance chart of this robot:

Promax Gold EA


Trading robots explained in this article are not a financial advice. Use your own research and knowledge to make decisions about purchase. The facts and figures mentioned in this article are taken from the original source of publication of these forex robots.