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How to get likes on Instagram? Seven tips that can increase likes

Gaining likes on Instagram is one of the ways to achieve greater visibility on the Internet, although the number of likes is no longer displayed in the mobile app. One of the criteria of the social network algorithms to display posts on the home page is the number of times users like posts from profiles they follow. Account posts with the most interactions are usually the ones that appear first, which is why it is so important to win followers’ likes.

Those who wish to grow organically on the social network can use techniques such as producing niche content, using hashtags to reach different profiles, posting at times when users are most active, among other ways. Check out seven tips that can help you get more likes on Instagram. It is worth mentioning that the guidelines of the social network do not allow the use of robots or external tools for this purpose, and may cause punishment to the user. Thus, the best way to increase the number of likes is to take advantage of Instagram’s own resources.

1. Post at the time your audience is active

Knowing the time when most of your followers are active on the social network is a good alternative to receive more likes in publications. Users of business accounts or content creators have access to the activity information of followers. To do this, simply access your profile, click on “Information”, open the “Public” tab. At the bottom of the page, you can see details such as the time on each day of the week that your followers usually use Instagram. See which ones are frequently used periods and schedule your posts for those times.

In addition, Instagram also displays the times when people usually interact with your profile. For this, it is also necessary to access the information in your account and click on “Activity”. The social network will show the best reach time and interactions of your followers with your publications.

2. Use hashtags correctly

The hashtags are often used to achieve tanned people who do not follow the profile. However, if used in an excessive or incorrect manner, the user may not achieve the desired range and even have the publication classified as spam. The ideal is to write up to nine keywords that represent the content of your post, so people with an interest in the subject will like it and can follow your profile. In addition, the best place to use hashtags is not in the caption, but in the comments of your publication.

3. Post frequently

Feeding your profile with regular posts is also very important to get more likes. Profiles with few updates tend to lose followers and, consequently, likes. Thus, the ideal is to create a schedule of weekly posts, preferably at similar times to make your followers get used to seeing your content. Use the tool Creator Studio of Facebook to make program content to be published.

4. Invest in an organized feed

Having an organized feed with beautiful and harmonious photos can draw the attention of potential followers to your profile. Invest in post organization techniques, such as similar publications by rows, colors, mosaics, patterned by borders, etc. Use apps that allow you to see how your feed will look with the posts and think if the aesthetic is attractive for users who visit your Instagram account. It is important to program the content so that your feed is not messy and shows exactly what your Instagram profile wants to go through your brand products, niche content or personal photos.

5. Know what the public likes and make niche content posts

In your brand profile, small business, personal or an Instagram of specific tips, such as games and series, the likes help to know if people are receiving the posts and like the content. When accessing the information of your posts, make an analysis, see which ones had more interactions and, then, invest in content with similar subjects. That way, the chances of your publications getting more likes to increase.

6. Add locations

One option to reach likes and followers new to your region or who have been to places you’ve visited is to use location in posts. When you click on the address of a tourist spot, stores or even cities, all publications that added the location will be displayed. The posts with the most likes will be displayed among the most relevant content of the geolocation. To use the resource, just click on “Add location” after writing the caption of the publication.

7. Partner and mark other profiles

Partnerships with other profiles on Instagram help to reach those who still do not follow your account. The resource can be carried out with profiles of small brands, content creation companies and to get likes in their publications, it is interesting that both partner profiles make similar posts and mark themselves. Thus, followers of both accounts can access the other profile, be interested in the content and increase engagement.



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